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European Buffet

As you know, one of the very important part of LINC is our European Buffet – to introduce different tastes from different areas of different countries in the best possible way, we kindly ask you to send us information about the products you will take with you to Estonia.

You all have the possibility to introduce your specialities during the Contact Corner before dinner September 11.

We need to know how to prepare these products, how many plates and glasses we will need, etc.

Please tell us:

1. Are you planning to bring meat, sausage, cheese, canned food, etc?
Please specify!

Please give us the name of the food and 2-3 sentences about this food. We will print out lables to the tables.

Is it nessesary to put this food in the fridge immediately after you arrive to Pärnu?

2. Are you planning to bring drinks?
If yes, please specify what kind of glasses are the best
A) wine
B) shots
C) non-alcoholic drinks

3. Are you planning to bring some candies, sweets, dessers, jams, cookies?
If yes, please specify.

We will collect products for European Buffet in your hotels (Strand, Rannahotell, Tervise Paradiis) right after you arrive Septemer 9 or 10. So you do not have to worry about it anymore. We kindly ask you do not bring plastic plates or glasses. We try to minimize plastic garbage at LINC 2019 to keep our enviroment and planet Earth cleaner.

We are very grateful for your reply as soon as possible to