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Dear guests of Pärnu

I am happy to welcome you to Pärnu, the summer capital of Estonia! This resort town, with its history of long traditions, has offered diverse experiences to visitors for centuries.

The first recorded mention of Pärnu was in 1251. In the 14th-15th century, Pärnu was an important Hanseatic town, which means the town has been a part of the same trade and economic space as Europe for a long time already. Pärnu’s development as a resort town began in the 19th century, and the history of the city can be felt with every step when exploring its beautiful architecture and interesting sights.

Today, the town has become an eventful resort, where, in addition to long-established medical services, diverse relaxation opportunities and wellness services are offered. Along with excellent restaurants and unique cafés. Every summer, Pärnu becomes more and more lively, with a number of international cultural festivals and sports competitions. The tranquillity and greenery of Pärnu make the town an ideal place to rest.

As a result of the administrative reform of 2018, both the urban and rural areas belong to the territory of the Pärnu municipality. The territory also partially includes the second largest national park in Estonia – Soomaa National Park – famous for being the location of the ‘fifth season’ of Estonia.

We strongly encourage and support establishing contact with active people of Pärnu’s sparsely populated areas at a local and international level.

In Pärnu, everyone can find a favourite place and activity – there is something to everyone’s taste. In the town centre, you can enjoy Pärnu’s historic wooden architecture or you can enjoy the diverse landscapes of the surrounding natural areas – the clean bogs, forests, and sandy beaches.

It is a great pleasure and honour for Pärnu to host the participants of LINC’s jubileum conference and to support the initiative on its behalf. I am pleased that the programmes created by the European Union benefit our entrepreneurial people. Enjoy your stay and have a successful conference!

Romek Kosenkranius
Mayor of Pärnu