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Tuesday, 10 September

Opening ceremony

Registration and check-in at hotels in the town and county of Pärnu

15.15 Transportation to Pärnu for participants staying at Villa Andropoff
17.00 Opening ceremony in front of Mudaravila (Hedon Spa & Hotel, Ranna puiestee 1, Pärnu). Procession along the beach promenade to the Strand Spa & Conference Hotel (1 km)
19.00 Dinner at the Strand Spa & Conference Hotel (Tammsaare puiestee 35, Pärnu)
21.30-22.00 Transportation back to Villa Andropoff
Afterparty at Strand Spa & Conference Hotel, Bar LINC2019 (5th floor)

Wednesday, 11 September

Study tours

08.00-09.00 Buses depart for study tours 1-9
17.30-18.30 Arrival back at hotels
18:30-19:30 Contact Corner at Strand Spa & Conference Hotel
19.30 Transportation from Pärnu to Klaara Manni Holiday and Seminar Centre
20.00 Dinner at Klaara Manni Holiday and Seminar Centre, European buffet, feedback seminar
22.00-23.30 Transportation back to hotels

Thursday, 12 September

LINC Tori Hell LEADER triathlon

09.00 Pick-up from Villa Andropoff and Strand Spa & Conference Hotel
09.30 Arrival in Tori village
10.00 Tori Hell LEADER triathlon in Tori. Sports competitions, local handicraft market, Contact Corner
16.00 Arrival back at hotels in and outside Pärnu, free time
16.00-18.00 ELARD CLLD seminar in Strand Spa & Conference Hotel
19.00 Transportation to the closing ceremony for participants staying outside Pärnu
19.30 Closing ceremony at Pärnu Concert Hall
22.00-23.00 Transportation back to hotels
Afterparty at Strand Spa & Conference Hotel, Bar LINC2019 (5th floor)

Friday, 13 September

Departure or Do you have time to stay longer in Estonia?

In addition to our LINC 2019 destinations, there is a lot to see and experience in the region. One of these is to visit the islands of Kihnu or Vormsi. Read more


Teisipäev, 10. september


17.00 Avatseremoonia Pärnu Mudaravila ees (Hedon Spa & Hotel, Ranna puiestee 1, Pärnu).
Rongkäik mööda rannapromenaadi Strand Spa & Konverentsihotelli (1 km)
19.00 Õhtusöök Strand Spa & Konverentsihotellis (Tammsaare puiestee 35, Pärnu)
Järelpidu Strand Spa & Konverentsihotellis, Bar LINC2019 (5. korrus)

Kolmapäev, 11. september


08.00-09.00 Busside väljumised õppereisidele 1-9
17.30-18.30 Õppereisidelt tagasi hotellidesse
18:30-19:30 Contact Corner Strand Spa & Konverentsihotellis
19.30 Sõit Pärnust Klaara Manni Puhke- ja Seminarikeskusesse
20.00 Õhtusöök Klaara Manni Puhke- ja Seminarikeskuses, European buffet, õppereiside tagasiside seminar
22.00-23.30 Tagasisõit hotellidesse

Neljapäev, 12. september

LINC Tori Põrgu LEADER triatlon

09.00 Busside väljumised Strand Spa & Konverentsihotellist, Villa Andropoffist
09.30 Saabumine Torisse
10.00 Tori Põrgu LEADER triatlon. Spordivõistlused, kohaliku käsitöö müük, Contact Corner
16.00 Saabumine tagasi Pärnusse, vaba aeg
16.00-18.00 ELARD CLLD seminar Strand Spa & Konverentsihotellis
19.30 Lõputseremoonia Pärnu Kontserdimajas
22.00-23.00 Tagasisõit hotellidesse
Järelpidu Strand Spa & Konverentsihotellis, Bar LINC2019 (5. korrus)

Reede, 13. september

Lisavõimalusena pakume konverentsi järeltuure Kihnu, Vormsi ja Manija saarele ning Mulgimaale. Lisainfo siin.